Everyday Holiday

      A Jewish Calendar of Events and Observances

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Everyday Holiday.
A Jewish Calendar of Events and Observances.
Because Every Day Is a Special Day on the Jewish Calendar.

Largest Jewish Calendar Ever Assembled.
More than 2000 Jewish events.
Holidays - Biblical - History.
Hundreds of Rabbinic Yarzheits.
Modern Celebrities and Sports Figures.

Everyday Holiday is simply a list of Jewish events, simply the largest Jewish calendar ever assembled. Every day brings its own special energy to be recognized, appreciated and celebrated. More than 2000 memorable events in Jewish history and religious life. Biblical events and ancient holidays. Private purims and cultic holidays. Everyday Holiday is rich in religious observances and Biblical connections. Great souls and Rabbis are honored in Everyday Holiday on the day of their births or the day of their deaths. The Jewish story is rich in historical events, pleasant and painful, figures of power and note, beneficial and harmful. The hundreds of historical events in Everyday Holiday are each a new avenue to explore and learn. Everyday Holiday even gives dates associated with modern Jewish celebrities, entertainers, politicians, and sports figures.

Every Day Is a Special Day to Celebrate.