Beatles Hamburg

      A Travel Guide to Beatles Sites in Hamburg Germany

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      The Beatles became The Beatles in Hamburg playing nearly non-stop for weeks, living in rough conditions, running around the wild streets of St. Pauli and Reeperbahn. The band's line-up was still in flux with Stu Sutcliffe, Pete Best, and Roy Young.

Beatles Hamburg Features:
30 Beatles sites in the city of Hamburg and the surrounding area
Detailed directions by train or by car from Central Station
Sketch maps marking exact locations of Beatles sites
100% Offline Content - No GPS/WiFi Needed
Images of each Beatles site for street-level recognition
Connection of each site to Beatles history
From 1960 until today, including solo appearances

Nearly every venue in which any member of the Beatles played, stayed, or recorded is included. Find out where the Beatles lived while in Hamburg. Hang out where the Beatles hung out. See the places of Beatles legend, from the docks of those famous Hamburg photographs, through the art schools they attended, to the police station in St. Pauli and Tremsbuttel Castle. Learn more about the fifth (and sixth) Beatles and Hamburg friends Astrid, Klaus, and others, still Beatles' friends today.

If you are traveling to Hamburg, you need this guide. No single website includes this many Beatles sites in Hamburg or as much information as Beatles Hamburg. No surfing needed while you try to find Beatles sites on the streets of Hamburg. Everything you need is right here.

Explore the Beatles by Exploring Hamburg
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